True Communications Expense Intelligence
where corporate saving begins…

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    True Communications Expense Intelligence
    Where Corporate Saving Begins


Telesa is a proudly South African Company and has designed and built a software platform that interfaces with all the Service Providers networks and any South African Enterprise customer.

Telesa was established on 1 September 2002 with the focus of streamlining Telecommunication Expense Management, with the mandate to help corporates to reduce spend, increase productivity and simplify necessary processes.

“We are always on the top of the world”

Our thorough processes, embedded in our on-going services and software, enable companies to automate these functions and transform a manual, time-consuming paper-based process into a tightly managed automated solution.

A World view of the industry needs and standards

A winning Team with Core values

Telesa Comms is a solution provider for communications expense management, service billing as well as focusing on business intelligence.

The TEM solutions assist enterprises and organizations in the allocation of costs, budget control, fraud detection, processing of payments and budget/spend forecasting.

This is achieved by measuring and managing Telecom costs in all 6 key focus areas.

Telesa prides itself in being totally neutral in the Telecommunications industry evaluation by ensuring we have no vested interest in any company supporting this industry.

This is achieved by a dual strategy in that no Shareholder or Director may have shares in the Industry thereby ensuring that Telesa has no revenue sharing models with suppliers to the industry.

Furthermore, Telesa ensures that it promotes and maintains excellent relationships with all role players in the industry and in doing so further promotes neutrality and trust.

Innovative ,creative and cutting edge Business Intelligence.

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